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Profile of the company

Quartz Systems (Quartz Ltd.) was created in June 1988 under the rubric of import, manufacture and sales of electrical and electronic equipment with a clear mission to offer the market a modern and updated with the latest technologies in electromechanics, electronics and computer.
In 2007, dumped its entire supply activity to the aeronautical and maritime equipment starting with the performances of Cooper Crouse Hinds signatures equipment manufacturer of visual aids for airports, the company Avlite manufacturer of visual aids but also based on LED technology solar enegia feed. Today we have more than twenty representations which cover almost all the equipment and technology needs that may arise in an airport, heliport or port.
Among the projects are:

  • Supply and installation of equipment for the Airport runway 01-19 Laguna del Sauce
  • Airport's main runway Angel Adami (RWY PAPI, SALS, RCC, Remote Control, Room RCC)
  • Internal street lighting, hangars and byways Angel Adami Airport
  • Supply of equipment for Durazno Airport (RWY, TWY, RCC, posters)
  • Supply of equipment for Salto Airport (RCC, RWY, TWY, Papis, Posters, SALS
  • Supply of equipment of the Presidential Residence Heliport
  • Supply of equipment for the track in the Presidential Estancia Anchorena (RWY)
  • Supply of equipment according to International Airport of Cologne of Sacramento
  • Supply of equipment for installation Tacuarembó Hospital helipad
  • Supply of equipment for the track 9 to 27 Airport Santa Bernardina
  • Supply and implementation of computerized system to control DIGITRAL Santa Bernardina
  • Provision of a MALS-R 21 CAT 1 Headrest Airport Santa Bernardina
  • Power starter plants for aircrafts of France Guinault Ltd.
  • Supply of thirty LED obstruction lights for towers of wind measurement UTE.
  • Twenty aeronautical obstruction LED lights for wind generators for Nordex company.
  • London Supply administrator of the Ushuaia Airports purchased spare parts for the 2017

 Different equipment and supplies as visual aids to stock items by the DINACIA and support for systems installed in airports.