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Renewal of the Rivera's Airport
Fecha de publicación: 28.05.2018 Date:  28.05.2018 Quartz Systems will oversee the supply and installation of the new system of airport visual aids Rivera. .. Read More
Fecha de publicación: 28.05.2018 Date:  28.05.2018 The Civil Avitation and Airport Infraestructure Direction purchase four (4) starter plants we represent Guinault Ltd. of France. These next-generation plants with cooled Deutz diesel oil will be distributed inside the airport to serve aircraft starting small to large size because its force of .. Read More
CARU adquire to Quartz 17 buoys SL-B1750 from SEALITE
Fecha de publicación: 20.04.2018 Date:  20.04.2018 The comission that administrate the Uruguay River just purchased 17 SEALITE buoys model SL-B1750 equiped with SL-75 lanterns with a range till 5 NM to be installed in Paso Casablanca... Read More
Tacuarembo Hospital Heliport
Fecha de publicación: 07.03.2016 Date:  07.03.2016 Quartz Systems has delivered to the Hospital of Tacuarembó equipment acquired for the installation of a heliport at the base of the traffic police at the entrance to the City of Tacuarembó thus have a fast system for the transfer of patients there are addressed with urgency. The .. Read More
TGM Montevideo installs two lanterns SL125C with GPS and GSM monitoring
Fecha de publicación: 07.03.2016 Date:  07.03.2016 TGM acquired and installed two beacons SL125C with GPS synchronization and GSM monitoring system which are already installed in the port of Montevideo. Here is an example of the daily reports .. Read More