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TGM Montevideo installs two lanterns SL125C with GPS and GSM monitoring

Fecha de publicación: Date: 07.03.2016

TGM acquired and installed two beacons SL125C with GPS synchronization and GSM monitoring system which are already installed in the port of Montevideo.

Here is an example of the daily reports

Name AZ5370025705520
Unit Type SLGSM
Status 08
Flash Code 0A0
Volts (Max) 13.8
Volts (Min) 12.2
Charge (Amps) 0.14
Load (Amps) 0.02
Charge (AH) 1.3
Load (AH) 1.1
GPS Latitude 3453.5946S
GPS Longitude 05612.1670W
Last Updated (GMT) 2016-03-07 12:48:03